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Need A Paint Job? Talk To A Color Consultant First!

Having your home painted is a fun and exciting experience. But, choosing appropriate colors is essential. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the outcome. What if you could have the perfect color scheme without the fuss? Enter the color consultant!

Color consultants are professionals who help you create the perfect color palette for your home. They consider everything from your personal preferences to the architecture of your house to make sure everything looks just right. And the best part is, they make it look effortless!

Exterior Color Ideas:

Many of us come across a tragic exterior paint job at some point. You know the ones: where the trim is a different color than the siding, or the shutters don’t match anything else. Maybe even all three! It’s an eyesore, and it makes the whole neighborhood cringe.

A color consultant can help you avoid this situation by developing a cohesive plan for your home’s exterior. They’ll take into account the style of your home, the colors of your trim and siding, and even the landscaping. With their expertise, they can develop a plan that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Interior Color Ideas:

Have you ever been inside one of those homes with each wall having a different hue? It’s like they couldn’t decide on just one color, so they just went with everything. While you may think that looks fun and creative, it can actually be quite overwhelming. A color consultant can help you find the perfect colors for your home’s interior. They’ll take into account the style of your furniture, the colors of your walls, and even the lighting in each room. You’ll come a long way toward building a pleasant and attractive home.

Define Your Entryway:

Your doors talk to everyone who walks by your house. They are like the ambassadors of your home, and you want to make sure they make a good impression. A color consultant can assist you in choosing the right color for your front door. They will also consider the trim around your door and the color of your shutters (if you have them). You don’t want a boring door; you want one that makes a statement.

Paint like a Pro:

After you’ve chosen your colors, it’s time to start painting! But before you break out the paint roller, you should know a few things. A color consultant can give you tips on how to prep your walls for painting and which type of paint is best for each room. They can even recommend someone who can do the job for you, or if they provide painting services, what’s better yet!


So, don’t go painting your walls pink by yourself. Give DeltaPro Painters a call and let us help you choose the perfect color for your residential or commercial property in Mason, Ohio. We give free consultations to assist you in determining the ideal solution for your space.

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