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How Frequently Does Your Home Need Repainting?

One of the major responsibilities of owning a home is making sure your house stays in good condition. One of the best ways to keep your house in top shape is with regular professional painting. How often you need to paint your house depends on many factors. Homeowners have to consider variables such as sunlight exposure, climate, and more. Read further for more insight into how often you may need to call on your local house painters.

Climate Considerations

If you live in a hot or humid area, don't be surprised if you notice a lot of peeling paint. Constant exposure to UV radiation can cause paint to deteriorate. If you live in an environment with harsh winters, cold and wet weather may also take a toll on your exterior paint job. Trustworthy home painters know how to apply the right sealing to protect your home's exterior as much as possible, ensuring it can handle the elements.

Quality of the Paint Job

One of the reasons you should rely on professional home painters, as opposed to doing it yourself, is these professionals have access to the highest quality paint. They also know the best application methods for long-lasting results. A bad paint job can quickly result in a need for new retouching work. A reliable professional will prep the surface by scraping off existing paint and adding primer. They won't just paint on top of old paint, which would result in the new paint simply peeling off instead of adhering to the surface. Then, they'll add a final sealing layer for protection.

Exposure to Sunlight

As mentioned, overexposure to sunlight can ruin a paint job. In addition to peeling, your paint may begin to discolor or fade over time. If you live in an extremely hot area, you may need to call local house painters more often than homeowners in other regions. However, every home experiences at least some sunlight, so homeowners in colder climates will still need to have their homes painted frequently to avoid sun damage.

Keep your property looking good with a new paint job as needed. Bear in mind your climate and previous paint work are some things that will affect how often you need to call your local house painters. According to HowStuffWorks, some homes need to be repainted as often as every four to six years, so it's important to stay on top of things. If you're in need of a new exterior paint job, contact DeltaPro Painters today to schedule a free estimate.

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