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Bathroom Paint Colors & Design – Trends That Tantalize!

Are you obsessed with giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint (or wallpaper or tile)? You’re in luck – the experts at DeltaPro Painters have predicted the hottest colors and design trends for bathroom renovation near South Lebanon, Ohio, and we’ve got the scoop!

From neutral shades that will never go out of style to wild new patterns, here are the latest fads you need to know about. So whether you’re planning a full-scale bathroom renovation or want to add a little color with a new shower curtain or bathmat, read on for inspiration. Happy painting!

Evergreen Bathroom Design Trends

1. Neutrals Are Here To Stay:

If you’re not ready for a complete color overhaul, fear not – neutrals are always in style. And while all-white bathrooms have been popular for years. Homeowners are looking for ways to add a little more personality with subtle shades of gray, beige, and even black. These colors can add just the right amount of contrast and depth without being too overwhelming.

2. Black Is The New White:

When it comes to painting your bathroom, black is the new white – and we’re not talking about your fixtures. Homeowners are now using this versatile color on everything from walls and floors to vanities and cabinets. However, it can create an opulent and luxurious space when done right.

If you’re feeling brave, why not try painting your bathroom ceiling black? It’s great to add some drama and make your bathroom feel cozy. Just be sure to use high-gloss paint so that it’s easy to clean.

3. Bring The Outdoors In:

The 2022 trend is to bring nature into your bathroom with plants or other natural elements like marble tiles: The perfect way to make this space feel more welcoming and relaxing? Plant-life! Look for ways to add plants, whether it’s a small succulent on the windowsill or a hanging herb garden next to the shower.

4. Think Outside The Tile:

Tiles are always popular for bathroom floors and walls, but 2022 is all about thinking outside the box regarding bathroom design.

One trend gaining popularity is using large-format tiles on floors and walls. The flexibility of this design makes it the perfect choice for any type and size of the room. The illusion creates an open, airy feeling that’s hard to beat!

5. Get Creative With Color:

Bathrooms don’t have to be white and clinical. One of the biggest trends for 2022 is using bold and daring colors in the bathroom.

Consider the climate you want to create in your bathroom while selecting a paint color. If you’re looking for a calm and relaxing space, stick with cool neutrals like gray or blue. For something more energizing, try a bright hue like yellow or pink.

6. Add Interest With Texture:

In addition to color, another way to add visual interest to your bathroom is by using textures. It is done with textured paint, wallcovering, or even tile.

For example, if you want to use stone in your bathroom but don’t want to use genuine stone, you may select a textured paint that gives the appearance of real stone. Use wallcovering if you want to add a little design to your room. There are fun and unique options available nowadays!

The bathroom is the house’s most utilized area. Therefore, it’s critical to make it both pleasant and functional – and we offer quality home painting services for just that purpose!

Whether you want a bathroom renovation near South Lebanon, Ohio, or try painting your bathroom, get a free estimate from DeltaPro Painters today!