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5 Painting Mistakes That Can Happen Even With A Color Consultant!

There is nothing more infuriating than starting a painting project, only to have it turn out terrible. Whether trying to DIY or hire a professional, it’s easy to make mistakes. Even with a color consultant, you can still end up with an unfavorable outcome.

To assist you in avoiding these mistakes, here are some of the most common painting mistakes people make when painting their homes. Knowing what these issues might be ahead of time can help you be better prepared and have a more successful project.

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Painting Mistakes

Following are some common painting mistakes that can be made and should be avoided at all costs.

Not Sticking To a Single Color Scheme

One of the common mistakes individuals make when painting their home is not sticking to a single color scheme. Instead, they’ll try to incorporate multiple colors and end up with a chaotic and unappealing look. If you’re working with a color consultant, stick to their recommendations and avoid adding too many other colors.

Choosing the Wrong Paint Finish

Another common mistake is choosing the wrong paint finish. It can result in an uneven or glossy look that’s not what you were going for. Be sure to ask your consultant which finish is best for your project.

Applying Paint Too Thick or Thin

Applying too thick or too thin paint can also result in an uneven finish. Be sure to follow the recommendations of your chosen paint brand and use the recommended amount of paint for your particular project.

Not Using Painters’ Tape

Not using painters’ tape can lead to messy lines and a less professional-looking paint job. Use painters’ tape along edges you don’t want to be painted, such as baseboards, door frames, and window frames.

Painting in Direct Sunlight

Painting in direct sunlight can result in the paint drying too quickly and an uneven finish. If possible, paint in the shade or wait for cooler weather.

These are just a few of the many mistakes that can be made. But don’t let that discourage you from tackling a painting project yourself! With some knowledge and preparation, anyone can achieve professional-looking results.

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